Welcome to EverAware

We provide cost effective IoT based monitoring solutions that identify potential problems and threats in real time to minimize downtime, optimize efficiencies, reduce operating costs and mitigate damage to the environment.

Continuous Monitoring Made Easy

Our low-cost solutions provide clients with the ability to integrate technology, information, people, and processes to optimize and improve operational efficiency

Scalable and Flexible Solutions

EverAware’s IoT Plug & Play technologies enable continuous monitoring solutions to actively respond to changes in field conditions, changes in government regulations or advancements in technologies. Unlike rigid SCADA installations, these installations are not static and can quickly and easily adapt by simply adding or removing sensors, meters, or gateway devices.  This flexibility and portability of equipment makes continuous IoT monitoring solutions applicable to a variety of challenges facing the Energy and Environmental industries.

Performance Monitoring


Our goal is to reduce LOE by delivering real-time knowledge on the performance of operations associated with producing Oil & Gas.

Equipment & Analytics

We use MI/AI driven Predictive Maintenance Solutions to reduce downtime by identifying anomalous data patterns indicative of imminent failures.

Remote Reporting

We can provide smart add-on operations that provide independent reporting of critical SCADA operations to all stakeholders and required Government Agencies.

Environmental Monitoring


We provide surface monitoring solutions for the MRV requirements associated with the atmosphere, soil, shallow freshwater aquifers and facilities.

Emission & Leak Detection

We integrate smart meters and sensors and our data analytics to monitor the performance of production facilities and pipelines.

Water Management

Water is our most valuable resource and we provide the sensors and probes to ensure water quality for aquaculture, farming and industrial purposes.

Customized to your Needs

Build a system that is designed to meet your specific challenges and provide you with the critical data needed to optimize your operations


Why Choose Us?

Customized Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Our IoT monitoring technologies, cloud database management and data analytics are used by our founding Korean Partner ulalaLAB in over 150 installations in 10 Countries and now actively by EverAware in projects here in the US.

Our devices and monitoring fees are provided at costs that are affordable to companies of all sizes.

Our devices and monitoring systems are generally installed and operating on the same day.

Collecting and analyzing data is of little use if it cannot be reported to the user in a simple and informative manner.  Our dashboards and smart device applications provide 24/7 connectivity that deliver knowledge at the click of a button.

Users have 24/7 access to field status  through customized dashboards and smart device applications that provide alarms when current data patterns exceed those associated with baseline performance.

EveraAware has established key collaborations with companies that provide specialized equipment or services to help meet the broad challenges facing our clients.

EverAware is managed by a team of distinguished industry experts with backgrounds in Operations, Net-Zero Implementation and IoT technologies.

Would you like to start a project with us?

We are available to meet you on location to best understand your challenges and design an installation that specifically addresses your needs