CCUS Monitoring

We aim to achieve carbon neutrality and a net-zero energy & environmental industry by leveraging digital transformation technologies

Collaboration with MicroSeismic Inc. (CO2SeQure)

In early 2023, EverAware formed a strategic collaboration with MicrSeismic Inc. to develop Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) solutions that meet today's regulations and also incorporate emerging technologies to satisfy the MRV needs of tomorrow. By optimizing efficiencies and sharing support infrastructure, the joint products reflect cost savings created by the Collaboration. MicroSeismic Inc, is responsible for subsurface monitoring needs including tasks associated with determining caprock integrity, tracking the movement of injected gas, and detecting induced seismicity. EverAware is tasked to monitor the environmental conditions in the atmosphere, soil, groundwater, shallow aquifer, and surface facilities.

Surface Monitoring Challenges

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CO2 Sensor,
(PPM Concentration, Temperature, Humidity, Barometric Pressure)

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pH, CO2 Sensors

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Dissolved CO2 & pH Probes

CCUS Monitoring Station

1. Groundwater Probes 2. Atmospheric CO2 Sensor 3. Soil pH and CO2 Probe