About Us

We aim to achieve carbon neutrality and a net-zero energy & environmental industry by leveraging digital transformation technologies and strategic collaborations

Who We Are

EverAware combines artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), mobile connectivity and the cloud to monitor, analyze and report in real-time, asset performance related information gathered in the field.  

Our low-cost solutions provide operators with the ability to integrate technology, information, people, and processes to optimize production and improve operational efficiency.

The transparency provided by our real-time monitoring allows all stakeholders to quickly respond to changing conditions and perform necessary corrections to reduce downtime loss and to undertake mitigating measures to prevent environmental damage

Our Mission

Provide low-cost continuous IoT based monitoring solutions to identify potential problems and threats in real time and to address them quickly to minimize downtime, optimize efficiencies, reduce operating costs and mitigate damage to the environment.

Our Process

Data Collection

Utilize “plug-n-play” IoT technology customized for individual energy and environmental challenges

Data Analytics

Optimize performance and efficiencies using ML/AI technology in the cloud and edge computing

Data Visualization

Provide 24/7 connectivity to accelerate the transfer of knowledge and decision making with dashboards, smart device Apps and remote reporting

Synergy Among Our Leaders

EverAware was jointly established among experts in net-zero, operations & the IoT industry.

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Douglas C. Nester

Founder / CEO
(Global Operations)


Dr. Howard Park

(Net-Zero Implementation)


KY Jin


Our Key Collaborations

EverAware utilizes key collaborations in order to deliver solutions that include the best technologies, equipment and services required to meet the complex challenges facing our clients

Smart Metering


IoT & Datalake

CCS & Passive Seismic

Carbon Management

IR Imaging

Energy Reasearch