Emission & Leak Detection

We aim to achieve carbon neutrality and a net-zero energy & environmental industry by leveraging digital transformation technologies

Emission Challenges

An estimated 20~30% of total Greenhouse Gas emissions occur during the production and initial field processing of crude.  By monitoring the environmental impact of O&G operations in real time, we can directly contribute to the life cycle assessment (LCA) of carbon emission in our industry and in turn, mitigate this impact while enhancing public perception and enriching resource and asset value return.





Flexible Emissions Monitoring Solutions

EverAware’s use of “plug-n-play” IoT technologies allows for preparing customized solutions to meet the unique emission monitoring challenges of our clients.  

Well Monitoring

This installation is being used for identifying methane concentrations at the well site. Wireless methane detectors added to Performance Monitoring systems provide simple and cost-effective methane detection at the well head of producing wells. Basic installation of wireless atmosphere sensors are also effective for measuring any concentrations of methane around shut-in wells.

Facilities / Storage Example

This installation is being used for identifying methane leaks associated with surface facilities and oil storage tanks. These installations include wireless methane sensors located around the perimeter of the facility to be monitored. A wireless weather sensor allows for identifying the source area of any leak along with concentrations. Including a methane detection camera on a permanent or temporary basis provides the exact location of the methane source.

Pipeline Monitoring

This installation is used for detecting leaks withing pipeline segments. The data gathered from the smart meters allow for performing real-time data analytics to identify changes in pressure, temperature and flow characteristics to identify leaking. The addition of atmosphere methane sensors at critical connections provide an additional early detection capabilities.

KUVA Collaboration

Infrared Imaging

Our collaboration with KUVA allows us to include their scanning infrared imaging system to monitor and quantify the intensity of methane and VOC emissions The scanning infrared imaging system enables our solutions to automatically detect and measure emissions and provides our clients with an annotated and animated clip of the leak. With this information, operators can take action to implement repairs without the need for secondary manual inspections.