Monitoring Made Easy

We provide IoT based monitoring solutions that identify potential problems and threats in real time to minimize downtime, optimize efficiencies, reduce operating costs and mitigate damage to the environment.

How can we help you?

Our monitoring solutions are cost effective, user friendly and can be  be easily customized to meet a wide variety of energy and environmental challenges 

Our Monitoring Process

Data Collection

Utilize “plug-n-play” IoT Technology customized for individual energy & environmental challenges

Data Analytics

Define baselines during normal operations and utilize ML/AI analytics for identifying anomalous data patterns indicative of imminent equipment failure or leaking of emissions or fluids.

Data Visualization

Provide 24/7 access to field data to accelerate the transfer of knowledge and decision making with dashboards, applications and remote reporting

Our Performance Monitoring Solutions


Our goal is to reduce LOE by delivering real-time knowledge on the performance of operations associated with producing Oil & Gas.

Equipment & Analytics

We use MI/AI driven Predictive Maintenance Solutions to reduce downtime by identifying anomalous data patterns indicative of imminent failures.

Remote Reporting

We can provide smart add-on operations that provide independent reporting of critical SCADA operations to all stakeholders and required Government Agencies.

Our Environment Monitoring Solutions


We provide surface monitoring solutions for the MRV requirements associated with the atmosphere, soil, shallow freshwater aquifers and facilities.

Emission & Leak Detection

We integrate smart meters and sensors and our data analytics to monitor the performance of production facilities and pipelines.

Water Management

Water is our most valuable resource and we provide the sensors and probes to ensure water quality for aquaculture, farming and industrial purposes.

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